Religion and romantism

Never was there a nation officially irréligious, the old religion is completly dead, it is already in state of utter decomposition, the majority of people do not want to hear any more about this corpse and hold their handkerchief in front of their nose when the religion is mentionned.
From the ruins of the old faith sprang up extravagant news religious,  has also a democratic reaction of clerics and laymen, regenerated by the ordeal in true with the new world and dedicated to the total séparation of religion and state the lasting reconciliation of religion and fréédom.


Have to wait

Some kids are cissies by nature but i was a cissy by conviction brother had told about geninses, i wanted to be one, and i could see for my self that fighting, as well as being usful was dangerous.

But as time went on i saw maore and more how he managed to alienate brother and me, what made et was that i couldn’t grasp her method or see what attraction he had for brother, in every possible way he was less winning than, he had a common accent and made noises at his talk, i thought for a while that it might be the newspaper he was interested in, so i mode bits of news of my thought attractive, and took he pipes and went round the house dribbling into them till he caught me, i even made noises and that unhealthy habit of sleeping toghether so i made a point of dropping into their bedroom and noising round, talking to myself, so that they wouldn’t know i was watching them, but they were never up to anything that i could see, in the end it beat me, it seems giving people rings, and i realizes, i have to wait.


Even more provocative was its founder the president, possibly the most famous priest in the country at the time, in devout friend of president, he was at first a staunch traditionnalist and a firm believer in the union of thrne and altar, turning here back on what people called ” the filthy modern tide “, the arch-ennemy of the ” philosophes ” advocated a form of theocracy in which the absolute power of the monarch inspired and guided by the parlement would only be limited by the crowd, the ultramontansm, so repugnant to french revolutionnary political organizations.

He was still very much enamoured of theocracy, but the people instead of the king was to be the mediator he strougly advocated public liberties.


The Nile

The slow flood of the Nile reflected the sorry files of the bible, the army of Cambyse and that of Alexandre, the riders of Byzance and the riders of Al, the soldiers of Napoleon, when passes above him the sand wind, undoubtedly my old woman memory mixes it with indifference bursting it dusty condition with the triumph of Ramsès, has the strict dust which falls down behind the overcome armies, and sands it dimpé, the Nile finds the carved mountains, the colossi by which the motionless reflection accompanies since so a long time its murmur by eternity, looks at, old river of which the risings allowed the astrologers to fix the oldest date of the history, the men who will carry these colossi far from his fertile and destroying water, they come from all the ground, which the night fall and you will reflect the constellations once more under which ISIS achieved the funerary rites, the star that Ramsès contemplated.
but most horrible of the workmen who will save the effigies of ISIS and Ramsès will say to you what you know since always and what you will hear for the first time, “it is only one act on which prévale neither the indifference of the constellations, nor the murmur eternal of the rivers “it is the act by which the man tears off something with dead ”
Here I thought of the gods transformed into statues of draws up eternal recurrence to visible sorrow in the night of his hypologia of Karnak, to the sphinx, the gods do not die, they lose their capacities of royalty, but their membership of the forever unknowable field which they suggested, that they had been born from the other Egyptian world, or which it had been born from them, they were not more close to him, which fish out of water, of the characters of tales, the figures which imported with successive interpretations of Hornis and Osiris? the gods do not have a direction, if the olympe does not have any any more, Anubis the embalmer does not have his, if E mode of dead does not have any any more, each god had belonged to the imperceptible mode of truth which had adored the men, Egypt had recalled Osiris to the life by its prayers and recall we it to it by his form and by his legend, everywhere safe by the prayer, it reappeared neither in the truth nor in the unknown, but in the bright rooms of the world of the art which was going to succeed this cargo of centuries of a vessel of Pharaons failed in the pashas, the metamorphosis of the doubles of civilizations descended the sad staircase from the museum of Cairo between the wigs of the priests and the skins of panthers constellated with gold stars, through a cemetery of gods.


Flower to state

Coming in this vein, analysis of romanticism is pepped with terms that demand to be spelt with capital letters, truth, reality, creation the supranatural, the mystery of things, it is the contention of the present article.

As a writer, always dispaly an unability or an unwillingness to convert totally to comprehensive philophies ar systems of belief whether there is a political neutrality, but not in the case of my country, as in the case under discussion, romanticism, and that anyone attenting to do so is quickly brought down to earth, in any elegant introduction to any political “gotha”, indeed flower goes as far as to state, this note of light irony is perhaps the master note of these poem and the chief cause of the fascination, or a poem of beaudelaire for a hash-flower of pseudo-state….!



The romantics consistently saw the exterior world in general and nature in particular as the gateway to the unknown, to the mysteries of life, it would appear from works such as some writers are loathe to search for a transcendental order in the great unknown, preferring instead to anchor their works in the tangible world.

the poetry of a people who shun abstraction and think in images, whose visual art finds expression not on canvas but in words, the factual, materialistic mind that produced these poems manifest itself above all visaully.

Hence, woman is a visible object discovered and seen throught the narrators eyes, within that description, streams, seed, glass, cristal, dew, stars and candles are evoked in order to depict her eyes, blood, berries, roses, embers and forges are called upon to visual her checks her skin is like lime, foam, lilies, snow, chalk or, when she is dead, like coal, her hair like gold or marigold, she is slim as hound, her breast are white as a calf and shaped like bird’s eggs, she is likened to harps, swans, roses, trees or gain stolen from the narrator’s barn.

Page and writer

In this page as well as in other which the writers have submitted to there readers, an endeavour has been made to guard against prejudices of country and creed, while attending to historical events necessarly bearing upon the tasks in hand upon former occasions, whenever the word’s of neutral, or even an adverse historian could be found to convey, briefly the information requiried, he has spoken to the reader, and oftener, perhaps than some readers gave him or this describes credit for, in the same view in defensive writers works of circumvallation were numerous, it’s out-ward bellium, comprehending near an acre of ground.